#DACA | Travel Ban

Look how far we've come.

In the news: a federal judge ruled Tuesday that the U.S. must keep DACA and accept new applications. Next up: Trump's Travel Ban goes before the Supreme Court today. To align with these momentous decisions, we're taking a look back at Lin-Manuel Miranda's 2017 Hamilton Mixtape: Immigrants, which was inspired by "Yorktown" from Hamilton. In addition to a campaign benefiting the Immigrants: We Get The Job Done Coalition in the form of a contest, his 2015 hit musical was started by a 2009 mixtape he had created. Then, another mixtape of those performances was recorded, followed by this 2017 release focusing on the plight of refugees.


There were also manifestations of protest that was expressed through art. The first, an art installation by Los Angeles artist Camilo Ontiveros, is a piece made up of belongings left behind from Juan Manuel Montes, who is believed to be the first dreamer. The second, an installation by French artist JR, whose black and white installation at the border is essentially a striking billboard with a higher purpose. "His imagery — dramatic photo crops, intense close-ups, cinematic poses — all rendered in a black-and-white palette on a very large scale and relying heavily on repetition, borrows heavily from the language of advertising." During a Culver City discussion about the piece, the artist gave his thoughts on why he suspected it was so impactful. "The fact that it was a kid...seemed to break all barriers.”

More on this 2017 story  here .

More on this 2017 story here.